Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Betrayal comes in many forms,
But relies on underlying intimacy
To insure a lethal wound.
It is an emotional ambush,
Carefully designed,Flawlessly executed,
Producing an evil sound,In the orchestra of life.
"Let's talk about it," he said,"
So I might explain why you are wrong.
You are dramatic, suspicious,
And you lack the proper trust.
If only you had more faith in me,
You would understand your flaws."
Then, filled with doubt,
And tangents notwithstanding,
I struggle with myself.Am I flawed?
Do I lack the proper trust?
Am I paranoid and suspicious?
Perhaps it is me.
The BetrayerWill wrap themselves in a coat of righteousness,
Impervious to honest eyes,
That are searching for a soul.Instead...
They will describe their soul for you,
And demand that you will see
The spiritual mirage.

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