Monday, January 28, 2008

Screen Actors Guild Fashion Review

The purple works for her. I like the dress and I like the fabric but the make up is a bit much. Who’s the tramp next to her?

That heavy beaded green neck line is a red carpet disaster. The hair is so late 90's and the color of the dress is just not working for her skin. SORRY I have to chop her. HIYAH!!

If this was the Vibe Awards it would work.

America Ferrera made everyone take notice...Beautiful and elegant.. She just keeps getting better and better.

I Love most of this dress.

A beautiful man...but you have to admit he would make a beautiful woman..

Oh Dear...Recycled 80’s prom dress?? Get in to how she is looking at the camera like bitch don’t try it!! How can we not say something about that bow.

Michelle Pfeiffer is over 50 and can easily stand next to any Hollywood young beauty in their 20’s and give them a battle. Here she’s looking simple and stunning.

The it couple looking rejuvenated. Angelina’s face is glowing and her body looks healthy again, but Is she hiding a pregnancy under all that fabric? Hmmmm is it me or does our boy Brad look a little bit like a sexy lesbian? I don’t know.. If you look real fast it looks like Angelina and Ellen.

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