Saturday, February 02, 2008

One On One With Rojelio Parra-Grady

As I promised RRR readers. The one on one exclusive interview with sexy Cuban model Rojelio Parra-Grady Spotlight interview....

Raul - Lets get straight to it...How and why did you first get into modeling?

Rojelio - An ex-girlfriend got me involved in modeling...she tipped me off about a fashion show that I later got casted for and from there I met with people, made connections, and the rest is history....
I started modeling because its something that always interested me, seeing certain ads inspired me to follow the "path of modeling"

Raul - Were you born in Cuba?

Rojelio - No, my family was....I was born and raised in Detroit MI

Raul - Honestly how would you rate yourself on a scale from one to five?

Rojelio - 6!!!! I'm not conceited just confident...please don't mistake the two because if I don't give myself credit then who will?! lol

Raul - I v heard that your right confidence comes from self, we have to feel good about ourselves regardless of other's opinions. Confidence is attractive.. Are you dating anyone?

Rojelio - No, I am currently single. I think its best until I get my career rolling in NYC

Raul - How doe's a good looking confident guy like you stay single??

Rojelio - You cant please another unless you are satisfied and happy yourself....and until my career has taken off I wont be able to give 110 percent into anything. I'm just too focused at the moment.

Raul - OK, If you could sleep with any celebrity who would it be and why?

Rojelio - Eva Mendez, shes hott and shes Cuban!!!!!!

Raul - I love Eva Mendez..she's beautiful.. I have this great nude photo of her.. You would love. Speaking on nudity Have you ever posed nude?

Rojelio - Yes, just once....I am very confident in my body....although I must say that I wouldn't want to make a living doing that.

Raul - Was that your most uncomfortable modeling moment?

Rojelio - Surprisingly it wasn't.

Raul - I always imagine that having all these hot bodies on these photo shots can turn someone on. Have you ever had an erection on the set?

Rojelio - Cant say that I have, sorry. I try to be as professional as possible lol

Raul - Is that something that usually happens for male models?

Rojelio - I haven't heard too many stories about that happening but I'm sure there are a few floating around lol

Raul - you just killed a fantasy! lol moving on Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?

Rojelio - Either will do, actually anyone other than Bush!!!! Naw but it really doesn't matter...I'm torn between the two.

Raul - What's your favorite feature on yourself?

Rojelio - HHhmmmmm Im not too sure, I think I have a good face and smile so I'd have to go with them

Raul - What do you consider sexy?

Rojelio - "Sexy" doesnt have to be 100 percent nudity in my opinion...a lil flesh can be nice but I think a splash of mystery with some nice curves can come off as appealing.....

Raul - What do you love about being Latino?

Rojelio - Our culture!!!! Our women!!!! Our food!!!! Our heritage!!!! We're number one!!!

Raul - Thank you for taking the time to do this interview
Any last words of advice for aspiring future models?

Rojelio - Sure, modeling is and can be very "cut-throat" and demanding...and if you're looking to enter this industry then be prepared to sacrifice certain things to get where you want to be (Im not on top yet but I feel as though Im on the right path to getting there) stay positive, be realistic in your abilities, network with others in the industry, and have faith in God. He has a plan for us all.

"Walk by faith, not by in God despite your situation or the way things look" ~Mathew 14:25

"Trust, believe, and have faith"

Raul - I love that. I think that can work for all of us. Once again thank you... and we will be keeping track of you and following your career. This is just the beginning!


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