Thursday, September 28, 2006

Music Review

After attending the VMA'S I can't get enough beyonce.I have always liked her but I thought she was over rated and received way to much attention. Her first album Dangerously in love had some good songs but as an album it was not all that. Her latest Album B-day is somewhat the same thing, some strong songs and the rest is just OK. The difference on this album is that a lot of the songs have more emotion and more of her story, what she might be going through. It just feels like she put more of her recent experiences into her album. There are some great tracks like the famous Ring the alarm (that song is everything) Get Me Bodied is sure to get anyone on their feet, & Irreplaceable will have you singing along all day. As an artist I think Beyonce is truly shinning and we all can't wait to see Dream Girls this Christmas. Her album is cute and if you're 17 then it might be the album of the year for you. B-Day receives a B -

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Leniere said...

Ahem...I don't think one has to be 17 to appreciate B'Day. That's like a read on anyone over 17 who really likes the album. At 30 years old, I think the album is really great. I think it's to early to say whether it's the album of the year for me, but it's a pretty hot album. I actually like more tracks on this album than Dangerously in Love. "Green Light", "Suga Mama", and "Irreplaceable" are all really great songs. Although "Deja Vu" is clearly "Crazy in Love" revisited, the album is pretty fresh. Although Ring the Alarm is one of my least favorite songs, I really dig the video because we don't get to see R&B videos that look like that. It was a departure.

With singer-songwriters (A.Keys, Mariah, Jill Scott) you run the risk of buying an album full of songs that sound the same. I was presently suprised that this was not the case.

Nice to see you're blogging. I will definitely comeback for a visit.