Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering Angie Infiniti

August 4, 1975 - August 28, 2007
Angie served as a mentor to so many. She was invested in the lives of so many children and offered her mothering, food, her housing, hormones, clothes, bed, and her love to so many without Judgment. Angie was made to be a mother. So many of today's young (and not so young) ballroom super stars in some shape way or form received some help from Angie at one point or another. Angie would really help anyone who needed her help that's just the type of women she was. She was respected on and off the runway not only for her realness but for the fact that she always let you know she was not the one, she wasnt called Bangie Angie for nothing. however she never kept any grudges.
Angie was one of the few ballroom mothers left that was a real fem queen mother that truly embodied the word mother and lived and breathed it . Her realness legacy is only matched by few and I literally mean a few. She was a consistent heavy hitter for realness starting around 1992 through out the 90s and even with the passing of the millennium Angie was still one of the top competitors in her category. She was Instrumental in that category as well as in the ballroom community and really helped define and revolutionize bangie girl realness as we know it. Angie we will always love you, respect you, and remember you, you will be greatly missed and no one can ever replace you.. Your contributions to the ballroom and the countless life's you touched in it as well as the loving person you were in the world despite the many obstacles you faced, will be an inspiration that will exist long after your name is no longer sung…
By: Me


Angie was an amazing woman & mother. She would give anyone in need, the very shirt off her back if she knew it would help them. She offered others shelter, food, friendship, hope & love. She had an honest & good heart: she would always make room in her heart for anyone without even putting herself first. She had a tremendous spirit. A spirit that was mighty & proud, a spirit that leapt with big golden beautiful flames. Flames that welcomed & warned. She was a fighter, a survivor, a character and a mother.
Angie infiniti led a hard life, but turned that life into something so positive and wonderful it glowed with its own brilliant radiance. All she ever wanted was to love and be loved, with her coy smile and deep brown eyes. Let's not forget that wonderful fighting side of dear angie. She would accept any challenge ever put before her and come through with the utmost perseverance and you had better get out of her way if you knew what was good for you.

Angie was a living legend and instilled in people true and honest feelings.
She had a simple way of thinking that made her all the more complex and fascinating. Friends, let us try and aspire to one day think like angie and remember herw ithtrue hearts. Hold in your hearts the fact that you have touched something beautiful that filled your heart. Let's lift our hearts up together this dad always remember...The Mother, The Legend, The Friend, OUR ANGIE

By Baron Infiniti

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