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Latex Ball 2006

Latex Ball 2006

America’s Next Top Model Contestant & Americas Next Top Transsexual Winner Claudia Xtravaganza

On the VIP/balcony gagging that Janet was next to me with good friend Jason...

One of the most under rated lovely Babes of today's scene Niomie Xtrava & Sex vixen Giselle...

Claudia Xtravaganza With performance diva Janice Manolo Blahnik...

A Beauty to watch out for Amber Milan who with time just keeps getting better.

Latex Ball Review

Yesterday night was the 15th annual house of latex ball. With that said it is the longest running annual ball in ballroom history following that would be The Annual Jack and Andre Awards ball which celebrated their 14th year last May. A congratulations is in order based on longevity alone.

With all those years of experience and history the biggest ball around and the most popular ball (next to the now famous POCC ball) for me disappointingly fell short of the fire and ballroom magic that once filled the Rose-land ballroom in the 1990's and left what was their biggest audience in the last five years with only sparks and ashes of what the latex ball could be.

In my 11th year of attending the latex ball I will tell you what went right for me? To give credit were its due, as always the space was spectacular, security was friendly something we don’t often get at large events, the grand march was short and simple and showed some of tomorrow’s brightest stars, there was a very great turn out, and finally the latex world of HIV prevention finally found their nitch in mixing HIV prevention messages into their categories successfully without the over kill. There was a legendary celebrity in the building Miss Janet Jackson. (What ball can say that had Janet in the building?) But even Janet Jackson her self couldn’t save us from the torment of watching an entire hour of Butch Queen Runway.

That leads me to what went wrong. Now you would think an event that has been around longer then some of its members & walkers themselves would have brought you a higher standard of excitement and organization. However the blame falls not completely on the house of latex but more on the community its self. For example the DJ (DJ Carlton) though he is considered the best DJ for big events in our scene in this case he was missing cues after cues and seemed un-focus, the judges as always let girl friends slide, tried who they could try, created unnecessary drama, and of course were very bias in their judging. The crowd could have seen a production with Janet herself voguing and their clapping would still only be mediocre. The children are very hard to impress these days. My house leaders mother Jack Mizrahi and my house grand mother Selvin Mizrahi were the commentators and no one can deny the chemistry they have together fortunately they did supply us with some humorous moments that some how made you forget how board you were.
Last but most important the incompletion of several categories. I still don’t understand how a ball that has been around for 15 years has not learned to have less categories and have a strategic plan to get through every category if they are still going to have a lot of categories. Out of 11 latex ball’s I have been to, I have only attended one were every category was completed and that was the year there was a snow storm. I really wanted to see categories like fem queen face, fem queen performance, BQ Sex siren, FQ Sex siren etc.. but instead I had to settle for categories like realness with a twist, butch sex siren and big girl face. Though every category carries their own weight there was a lack of balance with main event categories and fill in categories. It seemed just when it was about to get hot the ball was over.

Dispite some set backs Congratulations to mother Aisha latex for suppling her community with another Latex ball and carrying you’re self with grace and class through the whole event. I know a tremendous amount of hard work went into such a big event, I am so proud of you. I really want to say thank you. I truly appreciate and respect you’re work and commitment.
Congrats to my friend Vivika Mugler For winning the $1,000 sisters and 5th consecutive latex win.

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