Saturday, June 10, 2006

HMI Stars Awards Ball 2006

I am so happy that the second anual HMI Stars Awards ball has come and gone. Putting it together was a lot of work but the kids seemed to have had a good time and that made it worth it. The kids shined & the ballroom community was very supportive and that really gave every thing a fantastic energy. The kids received awards for their achievements in Hetrick Martin programming such as world of work, Peer education, and Photography. They also were honored for their ballroom contributions and Stars program participation. The Vogue Fem Time capsule performance I put together came out sooo hot! I was so proud of the kids because they worked their little asses off to get those moves together and to be as on point as possible. Anyone who didn't see it you must get the DVD! The runway show went well and Melvin’s step team lifted everyone’s spirit and was one of the high lights of the night. I also honored those no longer with us due to Violence or AIDS in a slide show of pictures. I really wanted to honor the past and show case the future and I think that was accomplished. There were some challenges and it could have been a little bit more organized but it was Hetrick's first real ball and my first time planning such a big event with so much Responsibilities on me. We got through all the major categories and did something different with the performance, step show and runway show instead of just doing legend statement and stars I wanted to let the kids show their talents and give a show. The categories were fun, some could of used more energy but it was what it was. I just want to say thank you to all my guest, judges, & presenters.

Special Thanks to Jack Mizrahi, Tyra Mugler, Manny Karan, Albert Evisu, The Staff at POCC, Staff At Hetrick Martin, The house of Blahnik, Aisha Latex, Monica Karan & Andre Chanel who Recorded the event and made free DVD’s for all the youth in the show.

Award recipients

Humanitarian Awards Presented To Zoli Mugler

For his years of dedication and contributions to better the LGBT community of color and his consistent support of the HMI Star’s program.

Perseverance Award Presented to Kristina Tsunami

For her resilience, longevity, kind spirit, and on going efforts to consistently support the young people of our community.

Achivments In Art''''s Presented To Pony Blahnik

For his contributions and efforts In The Performing Art''''s and his consistent support of the HMI Star’s program.

HMI Youth 2006 Hall of Fame Inductee Champaign Khan

For her five years of dedication & service’s to the Hetirck Martin Institute and consistent involvement in HMI internships including successfully completing the powers internship, and world of work internship. She is also being recognized for her influential involvement, leadership, & development of the HMI Stars program.

Other Youth Awards Include: Most outstanding Omari Chanel - Star of the year Leiomy Mizrahi - Best New female figure performance of the year Veronica Milan - Best new Male figure performance of the year Randy Mizrahi - Best peer educator of the year Mya Burt - Best Female Figue Performer Of the Year Katrina Blahnik - Best Runway Of The Year Perry Khan - Butch Queen Vogue Fem Of The Year Malasha Ebony - Vogue Tech Student Of The Year Durrel Chanel - Realness Of The Year Joseph Khan - Youth Leadership Male Figure Neptune Latex - Female Figure Youth Leadership Champaign Khan - ETC....

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