Tuesday, December 26, 2006

South Beach

This would end up to be the night & morning to remember. For me it couldnt have ended better then going jet skiing while having no idea what memorable moments were yet to come.
My very good friend Brenda, She can be nice when she wants to.

a few years earlier I had visit south beach with my boyfriend Ruben, we had kissed on this tree so I had to stop and take a picture on it and remember a moment with my baby

Three Special Friends For Life

Our last night

Jason, Brenda, Tyhierry

The last picture of the trip. Through, fun, fights, food, laughter, gaggers, scandals, and tons of kiki's we made it through and had a good time on our first trip together.

Love ya even if we get on each others nerves sometimes..

Lets do it again

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