Friday, February 16, 2007

Francisco Porras 4/7/49 - 2/4/07

Although from Earth, our loved ones are gone
They live in our hearts as time goes on
God truly blessed us with the time that we had
Though their departure leaves us very sad
"Time heals all wounds" We've heard it before
A broken heart gradually begins again to soar
God works miracles in His time, not ours
Not by our wishes, but by faith and prayers
By each person he claimed, we were given a gift
Wonderful memories for our spirits to lift
Reunions and Christmas, and simple every day fun
To carry with us always, until our work here is done
Thank God for Kodak, for video and audio-tapes
And for the time together that this family takes
The message is clear from those who have started life anew
"We're waiting in Heaven for each and every one of you"
Each one would say "Don't cry for me dear
""This place is wonderful, I wish you were here"

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